Woodworking for newbies: Getting started, project planning + small space tips with Sam of Diy Huntress

In this episode, Cara sits down with Sam of DIY Huntress to chat all things woodworking. Sam shares how she got started woodworking to create custom pieces to fit her small apartment.

She shares some tips for the beginner woodworker including tool essentials and strategies for planning out a project. We also chat small spaces and some ways to make DIY happen if you don’t have a huge dedicated garage space.

about sam raimondi

Sam is a full time psychologist and dedicated weekend warrior from Long Island who spends all of her free time creating fun things in her workshop and sharing them with others. Sam started her woodworking and content creation journey in graduate school and since then has embraced her side hustle and turned it into a full blown business. Sam’s goal is to make woodworking, home improvement, and DIY approachable for all levels of doers. Especially those who spend their weekends creating, like she does!

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