Wallpaper magic: Designing with prints, patterns, and textiles to elevate your space with wallpaper designer Candice Kaye

On the show today, I am taking you behind the scenes and we’re going to learn all about how wallpaper becomes wallpaper. How does it get from an artist’s brain into a paper that you can put onto the wall?  

I get to sit down with Candice Kaye, who is a wallpaper designer. She also designs other textiles like rugs. We are talking all about her collections, her creative process, her inspiration, and her journey.  This is a really exciting conversation because it’s something I have always wondered about and it just makes it even more special. Now when I am looking at wallpaper patterns and prints, I am thinking of the artist behind them that actually created these. We talk about how to use wallpaper in your spaces, pro tips, and so much more.

about candace kaye

Candice Kaye is the founder and creative director of Candice Kaye Design. Kaye always knew she wanted to be in the creative industry, she experimented with dance, photography and blogging until she left an interior design program and took a trip to Paris. While in Paris, Candice wandered into a fabric manufacturing warehouse and when she touched the fabrics, felt like her hands remembered something her mind had forgotten. After this, there was no back-up plan and Kaye moved to NY to pursue textile design full-time. 

Long-time friend and owner of Maman Café, Elisa Marshall, asked Kaye to create four custom prints for the café that would become the heart of the brand. This sparked Kaye’s influx of bespoke creations for restaurants, cafés, hotels, bars and private residences across New York, Toronto, Miami, Dallas, Los Angeles and Australia. 

Since launching in 2015, Candice Kaye Design now dreams up custom prints for bespoke clients alongside offering collections of wallpaper, rugs and embroidered linen online. In 2019, Candice Kaye Design collaborated on a CB2 collection transforming her iconic (and Instagrammable) prints to exclusive rugs, bedding and pillows. Looking to the future, Candice Kaye Design continues to push boundaries with new product launches, bespoke creations and collaborations.

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