Uncovering Your Signature Design Style: how to get clear on your home’s style with Zandra Zuraw

On the show today, I am sitting down with my friend Zandra Zuraw who is the host of the Style Matters podcast. We are going to talk all about uncovering your design style. Zandra has a really fun approach to this.  She helps people through her podcast, retreats, and courses.  

Her approach is all about slow style. Slow style is building your style over time. I really love this approach because it takes the pressure off that you have to have your space finished right now.  It lets you experience, do things over time, and slowly uncover your style along the way.

about zandra zuraw

Zandra Zuraw is the host of the Style Matters Podcast, which she produces through her interior design company, Little Yellow Couch.  Over the past 5 years, Zandra has interviewed more than 200 designers, authors and stylists about how to create a home that’s reflective of who we are, where we’ve been and who we want to become.  Little Yellow Couch is where Zandra teaches her Slow Style philosophy through online courses, an online membership and in-person signature style retreats.

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