Pushing past FEAR to use power tools + create a home you legit love

If you’re scared to pick up power tools or tackle a home renovation project, this one’s for you. Cara uncovers how fear can be holding you back from taking charge of creating the home of your dreams and shares her story of going from scared to use a saw to a bada** diy queen tackling epic home renovation projects.

She shares a practical approach for overcoming fear when taking on projects in your home or learning to use tools including tips for getting the knowledge you need, growing you confidence, and feeling supported to make changes in your home. This episode is POWERFUL if you’ve felt stuck not knowing what to do next and not feeling like you’re ____ enough to create a home you’re for real obsessed with.


about cara newhart

Cara Newhart is an interior designer, DIY Queen, Author and the host of the “Make a Space” Podcast. After losing her dad to cancer and without his contractor expertise to guide her in customizing her first home, she decided to dive in without fear and tackle epic DIY projects.

Amassing almost 750K followers on social media she shares the transformation of her spaces. Originally by teaching herself to use power tools and finding the confidence to bring her designs ideas to life. Now, Cara is on a mission to empower everyday women to take charge of their homes and design spaces they are obsessed with – on their terms.

She helps women dive deeper than pin-worthy rooms to uncover home design strategies, learn to tackle power tool projects without intimidation and unlock the confidence to transfer their spaces.

Cara has been featured in Apartment Therapy, House Beautiful, People’s Style Watch and more. She collaborates with brands like Home Depot, Amazon, Wayfair and many more.

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