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urThis journal will help you:

  • reclaim your creativity and unlock your design confidence so you can take charge of making spaces you love
  • understand what you want out of your home and what needs to change to make that happen
  • access an approachable process for designing and putting together your own spaces
Makes a perfect gift idea for anyone buying a new home or starting any interior design projects!

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You’ll find:

  • Practical steps for determining how your home should function to support your everyday life
  • The 4 phases of “space-care” and how to care for your home as part of your self-care practice
  • Help uncovering your deeply held feelings and beliefs you have about what home is
  • A step by step process for assessing your relationship with clutter + how to create a routine to manage it
  • How to deal with feeling like your home is “not enough” or falls short
  • 11 questions that will help you improve any room
  • How to reconnect with your creativity and unlock your creative voice
  • Tips for exploring your style and confidently creating spaces you’re obsessed with
  • Strategies for creating connection in your home + exploring your relationship with hosting