Pandr Design Co: Adding personality to your space + DIY Murals with pro muralists Phoebe & Roxy

On the show today, I am sitting down with my friends Phoebe and Roxy from Pandr Design Co. They are incredible muralists.  They’ve painted pieces for brands like Target, Red Bull, Shake Shack, LuluLemon, Bumble, and many, many more.  We are talking about all things murals. 

This conversation is going to give us a new angle on paint.  When people are talking about creating spaces with a budget, the go-to advice is to paint a wall. What if you don’t know how or what if a big block of color in your house isn’t enough? In this conversation, we dive deeper and we talk about how to explore painting a mural in your home, how to do it yourself, and a little bit about their book that just launched called Wonder Walls. Wonder Walls is a step-by-step guide for walking you through mural painting featuring all kinds of amazing murals that they have painted in homes that you can learn from.

about phoebe and roxy

Phoebe Cornog and Roxy Prima are graphic designers and the founders of Pandr Design Co. in San Diego, California. Together they’ve created more than 250

hand-painted murals in homes and workspaces worldwide for clients including Target, Lululemon, Red Bull, Tillys, and the Minnesota Vikings.

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