NBC Making It Star Jo Gick dives deep on Kid’s spaces: creating playful playrooms + comfy kid’s rooms..PLUS what it was like to design for Ciara

In this episode, I’m sitting down with interior designer and Making It star, Jo Gick to chat kid’s spaces. Jo shares some of her best tips for designing kid’s rooms and playrooms for your little one including how to use color in a way that’s not overwhelming, build a color palette, and tips for keeping your kid’s rooms organized. She also shares some insights for the everyday mom when it comes to creating themed rooms that can change and grow with your little one.

about jo gick

Jo Gick is an interior designer who loves designing kid’s spaces. She starred on NBC’s Making It, and in her own show — Rooming Up — on NBC’s Blueprint network. Her work has been featured in HGTV, Better Homes & Gardens, House Beautiful, Elle, USA Today, Vanity Fair, PEOPLE, and more.

Jo’s personal passion lies in designing children’s spaces, because there are fewer limits. Bold colors in a nursery invite play and whimsy, and inspire creativity in older children’s rooms. Her interest kicked into high gear after she had her own little ones. She wasn’t working when she was pregnant with her daughter, Marin, and it was her only creative outlet.

 If she’s am not involved in doing something creative, she goes crazy! Jo grew up in a small town in Ohio, and moved to Arizona to pursue her design degree at Northern Arizona University. She took every art class available in high school and college – painting, pottery, stained glass making, sculpture and photography.

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