discover what changes to make in your home so you can easily create spaces that actually support your everyday life

How would it feel to have your dream home now…in the house you currently live in?

You have what it takes to make that happen — you may have already started tackling diy projects and taking charge of transforming your spaces.

BUT without knowing how you want your home to support you everyday life, you’ll end up like most — wasting money on home decor that doesn’t create a cohesive home that truly works for you.

that's where this journal comes in...

it will help you dive deeper than pin-worthy rooms to tease out the essentials of what you actually want out of your home…not just what you want it to look like.

Are you ready to have a home that reflects your style and supports the best version of you?

This journal will walk you through how to make space in the home you have for the life you want to live. We’ll explore themes like creativity, clutter, and “space-care” to fully unpack how you think about your home.

You’ll dig deep and unlock hands-on strategies so you can stop waiting for your dream home and take charge of creating a home you love today…in the space you have right now.

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this journal is for you if…

▷ You don’t feel confident making design decisions in your home

▷ You feel like you’ve purchased items you love, but your spaces don’t feel cohesive

▷ You have a lot of “problem areas” in your home where things pile up and rooms that don’t function well

▷ You feel overwhelmed by home inspiration — whether scrolling on social media or looking at magazines, there are just too many options for what you could do in your spaces

▷ You feel like you’re constantly pinning inspiration photos, but have no tangible way to translate those pretty pictures into the space you actually live in

▷ You have never sat down to create a clear plan or set goals for your home