Jean Stoffer: Creating spaces that support your season of life with star of Magnolia Network’s The Established Home

Today’s episode is super special because I have the honor of sitting down with award-winning home designer Jean Stoffer. Jean is a designer, an entrepreneur, a mom, a grandma, and a Magnolia Network star of The Established Home. Jean just published an incredible book called Establishing Home

We are here today to not only dive into her vast experience as an incredible designer and all of her expertise and tips for creating spaces you love. But we also get to unpack her story and hear about her journey and all of the lessons she learned while building a successful business, creating incredible spaces, and raising her children. 

Through Jean’s incredible career and amazing spaces she has so much wisdom to share not only about practical tips for creating a home you love but also how to evolve your home depending on the season of your life and really just beautiful insight into the journey and what it looks like to create spaces that support your life.

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about jean stoffer

Jean Stoffer is an award-winning Grand Rapids-based independent interior designer specializing in kitchen and bath designs. Each of her designs is custom suited for her clients’ lives and how they hope to use their home. Jean is also the founder of Stoffer Home, a retail store featuring beautiful and functional items for the home, and Stoffer Home Cabinetry, the source for Jean’s own line of quality, British-inspired flush inset cabinets. In December 2021, the Magnolia Network began airing The Established Home, a TV series featuring Jean and her design work.

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