Getting Clarity on Your Home Projects & Eliminating Overwhelm to Create a Home You Love with Christin Cieslarski

Raise your hand if you have a running list of home projects you want to get done. Now raise your hand if that list feels overwhelming.

Whether you’re a new homeowner or have had the same pad for years, we all have things we want to change, improve, or fix about our home. Today we sat down to talk about how to get clarity and prioritize your home projects so that you can get rid of that nagging to-do list and find focus to create a home you truly love.

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about christin cieslarski

Christin is  the creative voice behind My Homier Home as well as an interior consultant. She consults in the Indianapolis area as well as through e-design on her website. She currently works full-time as a high school math teacher and loves teaching, but her passion for interiors and what they can do for your everyday life is really what drives her to pursue this venture. Because of the laundry list of projects and the struggle I went through to organize my thoughts and make progress in my home, her mission has become to help those who are passionate about their home create the feels and function they need to improve their everyday lives in a simple and clear way.

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