Decorating with plants: Why you’re doing it wrong + how to raise plants that thrive with plant pro Paige Briscoe

about paige briscoe

Hello! I’m Paige, the plant (daddy) behind ReRoot. ReRoot began with an urge to re-connect people to nature by creating immersive, mossy, dreamy art installations and sprouted into a retail shop, pretty much overnight. Since day one we’ve continued to develop new roots and grow new leaves and become not only a retail store but a botanical creative collective, filled with all things green. It’s never truly been about buying and selling plants as it is about our special relationship with them. We strive to be stewards of the earth and nurture people as they find their connection with nature, or should I say, ReRoot into nature. Visit us inside the retail collective, Modern Nomad until January 2020 when we move into our very own brick and mortar, 4 blocks north of the MN warehouse.


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