Color Expert Maria Killam: Demystifying the Process of Picking Paint Colors + Unlocking the Power of Undertones for Stunning Space Transformations

In this episode, Cara has a conversation with internationally sought-after color expert Maria Killam to uncover pro strategies for picking paint colors for your spaces and dive deep into understanding undertones.

This conversation will help you learn why you’re probably picking paint colors all wrong, the biggest way to get color right, how to use color to stay on-trend while creating a timeless space, and the go-to inspo piece you need to guide your room design.

about maria killiam

Maria Killam is an internationally known colour expert, design blogger, decorator, stylist, and best-selling author. With over three decades of experience in the industry, Maria’s brand is built on the solid foundation of classic and timeless design principles and her unparalleled expertise in colour. 

Maria is a unique voice in the design world and her groundbreaking System for Specifying Colour: Understanding Undertones™ offers an effective and practical approach to choosing colour that has been studied and put into practice by thousands of design professionals and enthusiasts around the world. 

Her popular blog, Colour Me Happy, is among the top ten most successful and longest-running interior design blogs. It is packed with sound advice delivered in Maria’s relatable and no-nonsense writing style. Her words inspire and resonate with hundreds of thousands of loyal readers. Ultimately, every design decision is a colour decision so Maria’s mission is no less than changing the way the world sees and interacts with colour.

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