Chris & Calvin Lamont: Buy it or Build it, Strategies for taking risks, and Building an Empire from HGTV Hosts + Real Estate Entrepreneurs

Today I have the Lamont brothers on the show. They are twins and business partners who built a business encompassing real estate, finance, construction, and design. They just recently premiered their first season on HGTV with their show Buy It or Build It. We talk about their journey to get where they are today, their new HGTV show, and what you need to think about when choosing to buy a house or build a house.

about chris and calvin

Twins,  Chris  and  Calvin  LaMont,  moved  to  Dallas,  Texas  in  2010  with  $4,000  –  and  not much  more.  They  were  young,  bright,  and  open  to  the  possibilities,  but  they  also  had  no  idea where  to  begin  or  what  their  ultimate  future  looked  like.  Coming  from  humble  beginnings  in  a big,  loving  family  with  modest  means,  they  knew  they’d  have  to  give  their  all  if  they  wanted  to achieve  meteoric  success  in  their  field.  They  eventually  decided  they  wanted  something  very specific:  to  become  the  biggest  real  estate  development  companies  in  Texas. 

Bold  as  their aspirations  were,  they  had  the  ethic,  vision  and  drive  to  make  it  happen.  This  was  the  dream. This was the north star that would guide them. Starting small and working their way up,  the LaMont  Brothers started  their own  commercial janitorial and  floor  care company.  Despite having a lack of funding  or  the ideal amount of resources,  they  had  an  unsinkable  hope  and  a  commitment  to  their  own  career  fulfillment.  That company quickly grew into  a  successful water  and  fire damage  restoration company.  This  is where  they  started  to  learn  the ins and outs of  real estate  finance, construction, and design, and  began  finding lucrative projects with real estate investors across DFW.

In  2015, 5 years after  the  brothers started their first  company,  Chris and Calvin  formed their own  real estate  development  firm, Volume Income Properties Inc.,  and began buying  and flipping renovated and newly constructed homes. One  short  year  into  their  new  business  venture,  the LaMont Brothers were presented with an unexpected opportunity.  They  were  approached by a  talent  manager who wanted to introduce them  to  several  television  production  companies for a show centered around their relationship as  brothers  and real estate  business partners.  In  the  years  that  followed,  they  filmed  several “mini  pilots”  before  filming  a test pilot  with  JV  Productions  for  what  would  eventually  become their  debut  hit  show,  Buy  It  or  Build  It. 

In  January  of  2020,  HGTV  and Discovery networks green lit  the  new show  and Chris and  Calvin LaMont became America’s  newest  television hosts  in the home and lifestyle market. Together, the LaMont Brothers exemplify what it means to never abandon your drive, to learn with a never ending hunger, and to trust in the power of  talent and the strength of family.

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