Budgets, small spaces & surprises: working with limitations to create your dream home

I believe 80% of design dilemmas can be solved with more creativity. But you may be feeling like your budget or your space is limiting what kind of a vision you can create in your home. So we’re talking about working within your limits, and working with your limits when it comes to home decor design DIY renovation projects. You may actually find this to be a fun topic because I think on the surface, everyone’s scared to talk about money or it’s uncomfortable to talk about money, especially women but I also your budget can be a healthy design parameter. 

cara’s book — Make Space Journal: A Guided Home Journal

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about cara newhart

Amassing over 850k followers on social media she shares the transformation of her spaces. Originally by teaching herself to use the power tools and finding the confidence to bring her designs ideas to life. Now, Cara is on a mission to empower everyday women to take charge of their homes and design spaces they are obsessed with – on their terms.

She helps women dive deeper than pin-worthy rooms to uncover home design strategies, learn to kackle power tool projects without intimidation and unlock the confidence to transfer their spaces.

Cara has been featured in The New York Times, Apartment Therapy, House Beautiful, People’s Style Watch and more. She collaborates with brands like home depot, Amazon, Wayfair and many more.

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