Amy Howard shares Furniture transformation secrets: How to restore and build furniture that elevates your space from a renowned decorative artist & designer

On the show today, I have a very special guest. It is someone that has inspired me immensely on my own DIY journey and I am beyond honored to be able to have this conversation with her so that she can hopefully inspire you as well. Today I am sitting down with Amy Howard who is a powerhouse when it comes to furniture restoration and furniture flipping. Amy has a background in art history and teaches furniture restoration.  This conversation is really special because flipping furniture is how I initially got started with DIY.  

Amy has the next-level version of this which is full-on restoration, really refined, finishes, and techniques that have been around for so many years. She just has a beautiful perspective and that really good artful eye for how to take pieces and make them into something magical.  She does this through her product line, courses, and just showing up as an inspirational teacher day-to-day on social media across her platforms.  I am excited to be able to deep dive with her into a little bit about furniture flipping and just get her perspective on designing spaces you love through creating pieces of furniture that you are obsessed with. 

about amy howard

Amy Howard is a renowned decorative artist, designer, author, and entrepreneur who has been mastering her craft in the fine furniture and refinishing industry for the past 35 years. Today, she provides world class training to any desiring to become certified in old world furnishings. With her storied experience, Amy is able to speak on a variety of topics ranging from how to restore furniture items to home flipping to DIY projects to starting a business.After developing her own product line “Amy Howard at Home” and establishing herself as a DIY guru teaching others how to rescue and restore furniture, Amy founded The Encore Society to inspire the next generation of artists and give them awareness for their custom works. The inspiration to found her company came from when Amy noticed that many artists were in need of a platform to sell custom furniture pieces, receive brand awareness and get paid what their furniture is worth. Within the digital marketplace, Amy connects talented artists with designers and customers, supporting both small and women owned businesses to give these beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces a second home.

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