what you can expect:

learn to design a home you're obsessed with.

Tune in for conversations that dive deeper than pin-worthy rooms to tease out the essentials of creating a beautifully lived-in home.

practical design advice

It's time we turn those daydreams into the home we actually live in and learn to fall in love with our spaces. Get design strategies from experts so you can take charge of designing spaces you're obsessed with and learn how to tackle home projects hands on with power tools.

find your style & the confidence to dive in

Cara will help you find your style, learn to tackle home design without intimidation, and unlock the confidence to transform your home.


" i'm passionate about empowering everyday women to dive into diy and take charge of designing their own spaces.

I've seen the power of DIY to transform women's lives — I've seen it give her a creative outlet to unwind from her full-time job. I've seen it help her step into her power and leave her abusive relationship, I've seen it give a new mom confidence to build a home she loves on her own terms."

xo, cara newhart

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