A Girl and Her Glitter: Unleashing your creativity to design your spaces + What a pro event designer can teach you about creating a home you love with Kristen Johnson:

about kristen johnson

Kristen Johnson is a designer and maker with a background in event design with a love for elevated details. Commonly known to be guacamole (extra) while sharing her glitter (aka gifts) with the world around her!

You might know her from her appearance on the today show or from working on shows like bravo top chef, HSN, and her show on NBC’s Blueprint Network. She’s also collaborated with brands like Michaels, Cricut, and the Home Depot. 

Kristen started out as an event designer and has recently translated those skills into interior design and is using them to create gorgeous spaces in her home.

She is a maker at heart and is using her creativity to do good and impact the lives of people going through real life struggles.


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